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Hitachi 65TWX20B Projection Tv

Hitachi parts and accessoriesHitachi 65TWX20B Projection Tv
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Parts and Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionDemand
KS04086'02 65" Mirror Glass
AT03844M10.0Ohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AN01631F1000Pf1500vmetalliz Polypropylene Film Capa
AT03897M100Kohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AT03857M100Ohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AN01113F1200Pf 1800V Metalliz Polypropylene Film Capa
AT03886M15Kohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AT03871M1Kohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AT03848M22.0Ohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AL01851R2200Uf 16V Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor
AT03862M220Ohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AT03889M27Kohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AL01852F3300Uf 16V Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor
AT03864M330Ohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AT03879M4.7Kohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AN01648F4700Pf 1500V Metalliz Polypropylene Film Capa
AT03881M5.6Kohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AT03894M56Kohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AT03882M6.8Kohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AT03869M820Ohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AT03896M82Kohm 1/2W Rds50 Carbon Film Resistor
AN01445SAcross Capa 0.22Uf 250V Re224
CZ00671RAnalog Monolithic Ic (Ba033fp-e2)
CP05141Analog Monolithic Ic (Pq6rd083)
CP06081Analog Monolithic Ic (Si-3050n)
CP08091Analog Monolithic Ic (Ta8258h)
CP02411Analog Monolithic Ic Kia7805pi
CP08191UAnalog Monolithic Ic Ta1360n
CK37051RAnalog Monolithic Ic(bd4729g)
KR02663Ar2 Shield 65W Vr
0893232RCap 1608Chip 100000Pfzf25v Tape
0893239RCap 1608Chip 10000Pfzf 50V Tape
0893208RCap 1608Chip 1000Pfkb 50V Tape
0893126RCap 1608Chip 100Pfjch 50V Tape
0893128RCap 1608Chip 150Pfjch 50V Tape
0893119RCap 1608Chip 33Pfjch 50V Tape
0893217RCap 1608Chip 4700Pfkb 50V Tape
0893205RCap 1608Chip 560Pfkb 50V Tape
0893222RCap 1608Chip10000pfkb 50V Tape
0244505RCap-ceramic 0.0022Uf-k 500V
AJ00182FCap. Ceramic Cd85-e2ga102myns
AJ00195FCap. Ceramic Ck45-f2ea472zynn
0244202Cap. Ceramic De0907r471k2k
0800328RCap. Electro. 100Uf-m 35V
0890087RCap.-ceramic 1000Pf-k 50V
0244105-2Cap.-ceramic 2200Pf-k 50V Tape
0890078Cap.-ceramic 220Pf-k 50V
0890081RCap.-ceramic 330Pf 50V
0890082RCap.-ceramic 390Pf-k 50V
0243509RCap.-ceramic 470Pf-k 500V
0890083RCap.-ceramic 470Pf-k 50V
0890084RCap.-ceramic 560Pf-k 50V
0243511RCap.-ceramic 680Pf-k 500V Tape
0890085RCap.-ceramic 680Pf-k 50V
0800277RCap.-electoro. 0.47Uf-m 50V
0800279RCap.-electoro. 1.0Uf-m(smg) 50V
0800282RCap.-electoro. 2.2Uf-m(smg) 50V
0800366NCap.-electoro. 2200Uf-10v Smg
0800361NCap.-electro 1000Uf 16V
0800337RCap.-electro 220Uf 35V (Smg Ty Pe)
0284634RCap.-electro 4.7Uf-sme(bp) 50V
0800358RCap.-electro. 1000Uf-m 6.3V
0800326RCap.-electro. 100Uf-m 16V
0800329RCap.-electro. 100Uf-m(smg) 50V
0800294RCap.-electro. 10Uf-m(smg) 50V
0284638RCap.-electro. 10Uf-sme(bp) 16V
0284623RCap.-electro. 1Uf-sme(bp) 50V
0800334RCap.-electro. 220Uf 10V
0800303RCap.-electro. 22Uf-m 50V
0800347NCap.-electro. 330Uf-m(smg) 50V
0800288RCap.-electro. 4.7Uf-m(smg) 50V
0800318RCap.-electro. 47Uf-m 25V
0800319RCap.-electro. 47Uf-m 35V
0800321RCap.-electro. 47Uf-m 50V
0284647RCap.-electro.22uf-sme(bp) 16V
0800352RCap.-electro.470uf 10V
0800353RCap.-electro.470uf-m 16V
0880198RCap.-ploy. 0.22Uf-j 50V
0880035RCap.-poly 2200Pf-50v
0880033RCap.-polyester 0.0015Uf-keb50v
0880038RCap.-polyester 0.0039Uf-keb50v
0880044Cap.-polyester 0.01Uf-keb 50V
0880051RCap.-polyester 0.033Uf-keb 50V
0880053RCap.-polyester 0.047Uf-keb 50V
0279692RCap.-polyester 0.068Uf 100V
0880194RCap.-polyester 0.1Uf-j 50V
0880203RCap.-polyester 0.47Uf-j 50V
0880207RCap.-polyester 1.0Uf-j 50V
0279693RCap.-polyester Flm 0.1Uf 0.001Uf 630V
AL01724Cap.alumi.160v 390Uf Kmh(m)
0890076RCap.ceramic 150Pf-k 50V
0893179RCap.chip-ceramic 100000Pf 16V Tape
AL01153SCap.electr. 1000Uf-m 35V
AL01162RCap.electro 10Uf-m(yxf)50v
0800355NCap.electro. 470Uf-m 35V
0800338RCap.electro.220uf-m 50V(smg)
AL01129SCap.electrolytic 1000Uf-m(yxf)16v
AL01143SCap.electrolytic 2200Uf-m(yxf)25v
0893213RCap1608chip 2200Pfkb 50V Tape
AN01176FCapacitor 0.39Uf 250V Metalliz Polypropylene
AN01181FCapacitor 0.56Uf 250V Metalliz Polypropylene
0299616FCapacitor-polypropylene Film 0.0033Uf-j 630V
AA01121RCeramic Capacitor(0.47uf 10V)
AA01111RCeramic Capacitor(1.0uf 6.3V)
AA01101RCeramic Capacitor(1uf 10V-f)
0893227RCeramic Capacitor(220000pf 16V)
0893186RCeramic Capacitor(33000pf 16V)
CS00591RChip Board Unit (Hc2171)
CS00641RChip Board Unit (Hc5621t)(fc)
BZ03982Choke Trans.-dp1x (Hot)
BH00671RCoil 1.0Uh
BH00684RCoil 10Uh
BH00228RCoil 332K-1t7608a
BH01341MCoil Ferrite Beads 0.8Uh
BH01342MCoil Ferrite Beads 2.3Uh
2791754RCondenser With 3 Terminal 100Pf
2973704SConne.3p L=330
PH31523Cont Panel 2002 Xwx
PH31532Control Door Swx
AZ00007Crx Mhf116 For Hh
PH31566Deco Panel Left 65Swx
PH31565Deco Panel Right 65Swx
CH02001MDiode 1Sr139-400
CH02011MDiode 1Sr153-400
2344041MDiode 1Ss254ta/1ss270ta
2337341MDiode 1Ss270a (Tp)
CH00031MDiode Au02v1(280v)
CC10721RDiode Chip Da204k-tptx
2342061Diode D3sb(a)60.
2338532MDiode Eg01a (V1)
CH01091MDiode El1 (350V)
CH00041MDiode Es1fv1 (1500V)
CH02161Diode Fmq-g2fls (1500V)
2338313Diode Rbv-406m (60V) Si 0.1Usec
2359314GDiode Ru-3c P12.5
2359312SDiode Ru3c Lf-c4 (1000V 1.5A )
CH01061FDiode Ru4am(600v)
2337951SDiode Ru4z(lf015-302)
CC00003RDiode.chip 1Ss355
H463081Dp27/27d Easy Graphic Guide
UE20466Dp27d 65" Prt Assy ( B)
UE20465Dp27d 65" Prt Assy ( G)
UE20464Dp27d 65" Prt Assy ( R)
UE09965Dp27d Chassis Asy
JT23075Dp27d Cpt/vm Pwb Asy
JT23065Dp27d Power Supply Pwb Asy
KR02555Dp27d Screen Assy 65"
BZ03061Drive Trans.-dj81
HC00463F/e Eng36614gr
HC00515F/e Enge6106dr
2125824NFilt.coil(lhl08 1000Uh)
2125811NFilt.coil(lhl08 100Uh)
2125797NFilt.coil(lhl08 10Uh)
2125803NFilt.coil(lhl08 27Uh)
2125806NFilt.coil(lhl08 47Uh)
2125808NFilt.coil(lhl08 68Uh)
BH00697RFilter Coil 100Uh
2123781RFilter Coil 100Uh(el0607)
NT02743Frame Assy 65Twx20b
FN00473Fuse 51Ms 050 L 125V 5A
FN00374Fuse 51Ms 060 L 125V 6A
2721351Fuse Holder
BW02822Hfl1735vp-rc Ass'y
BZ04612Horizontal Linearity Coil 13Uh
BZ04611Horizontal Linearity Coil 6Uh
CZ01341Hybrid Ic (Stk392-110)
2381343Ic (Se115n)
CK31992RIc Bu4053bcf
CK35894RIc Cat24wc32j1
CK09541RIc Hd74hct245t
CP05273UIc M24c02-bn6
CP07091Ic M62501p
CK37291RIc Njm2155m
CK35451RIc Njm2198m
2362606Ic Njm4558d
CK36481RIc Njw1138m
CP05011RIc Pst994d-t
CP06543FIc Reg.(si-3090c)
CP05163FIc Si-3090f
CK35163RIc Sii907bcq52
CZ01082Ic Str-f6628(lf1359))
CP06891Ic Tda8174a
CK37411UIr Blaster Mask S3c80f7
CH00182RLight Emitting Diode (Slz-381c-06-t1)
CH00183RLight Emitting Diode (Slz-981c-06-t1)
BZ05191Line Filter 1.5Mh 4A
BZ05201Line Filter 4.7Mh 4A
GX00552Mag Vm Coil 36.5 6T
GX00403Magnet Ferrite Core
GX00404Magnet-ferrite Core
AT01532SMetal Film Resistor(0.12ohm 1/2W )
AT03179SMetal Ox. 0.47Ohm 1W
AT03184SMetal Ox. 0.68Ohm 1W
AT03191SMetal Ox. 1.2Ohm 1W
AT03195SMetal Ox. 1.8Ohm 1W
AT03242SMetal Ox. 100Ohm 1W
AT03562SMetal Ox. 100Ohm 3W
AT03406SMetal Ox. 150Ohm 2W
AT03197SMetal Ox. 2.2Ohm 1W
AT03199SMetal Ox. 2.7Ohm 1WY
AT03251SMetal Ox. 220Ohm 1W
AT03411SMetal Ox. 220Ohm 2W
AT03464SMetal Ox. 22K Ohm 2W
AT03202SMetal Ox. 3.3Ohm 1W
AT03444SMetal Ox. 3.9Kohm 2W
AT03419SMetal Ox. 470 Ohm 2W
AT03422SMetal Ox. 560Ohm 2W
CP08121RMono Ic Si-3002kwf
CK37191RMono Ic Si-3018lsa-tl
CK37184RMono Ic Si-3033lus
CP08101UMono Ic Str-x6456(lf1901)
CP07851Mono Ic Tlp421
PH31511Post 65Twx20b
PC05421Power Button 2002
AZ00421MProtector 491010T52
AZ00106MProtector Crxt491003
AZ00917MProtector Crxt491004
AZ00109MProtector Crxt491007
HL01822Rct Clu-5722tsi
FJ00301Relay Ald105 (Dc5v)
FJ00142Relay Alks329
FJ00302Relay Rl-ald106 (Dc6v)
0196058RRes 1608 Chip 1/16W 430J Tape
0196056RRes.-1608chip 1/16W 360-J Tape
0700041Res.-carbon Flm 1/16W 1.0K-jb
0700042MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 1.2K-jb
0700043MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 1.5K-jb
0700044MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 1.8K-jb
0700027MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 100-Jb
0700067MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 100K-jb
0700054Res.-carbon Flm 1/16W 10K-jb
0700028MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 120-Jb
0700055MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 12K-jb
0700056MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 15K-jb
0700031MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 180-Jb
0700057MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 18K-jb
0700045MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 2.2K-jb
0700046Res.-carbon Flm 1/16W 2.7K-jb
0700032MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 220-Jb
0700058Res.-carbon Flm 1/16W 22K-jb
0700033QRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 270-Jb
0700059MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 27K-jb
0700047Res.-carbon Flm 1/16W 3.3K-jb
0700048MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 3.9K-jb
0700061MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 33K-jb
0700062MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 39K-jb
0700049Res.-carbon Flm 1/16W 4.7K-jb
0700023Res.-carbon Flm 1/16W 47-J
0700036MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 470-Jb
0700063MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 47K-jb
0700051MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 5.6K-jb
0700064Res.-carbon Flm 1/16W 56K-jb
0700052MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 6.8K-jb
0700038Res.-carbon Flm 1/16W 680-Jb
0700065MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 68K-jb
0700053MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 8.2K-jb
0700039MRes.-carbon Flm 1/16W 820-Jb
0188095MRes.-carbon Flm 1/2W 2.2-J
0100113MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 100K-jb
0100115MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 120K-jb
0100045MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 150-Jb
0100117MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 150K-jb
0100047MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 180-Jb
0100119MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 180K-jb
0100053MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 330-Jb
0100125MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 330K-jb
0100033MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 47-Jb
0100129MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 470K-jb
0100131MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 560K-jb
0100085MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 6.8K-jb
0100111MRes.-carbon Flm 1/8W 82K-jb
0119653MRes.-mtl Flm 1/8W 82K-fb
0119695MRes.-mtl Oxide Flm 1W 0.47-F
0790037RRes.chip 1/16W 1.0K Ohm
0790077RRes.chip 1/16W 1.0M Ohm
0790038RRes.chip 1/16W 1.2K Ohm
0790039RRes.chip 1/16W 1.5K Ohm
0790024RRes.chip 1/16W 100 Ohm
0790064Res.chip 1/16W 100K Ohm
0790051RRes.chip 1/16W 10K Ohm
0790025RRes.chip 1/16W 120 Ohm
0790052RRes.chip 1/16W 12K Ohm
0790053RRes.chip 1/16W 15K Ohm
0790042RRes.chip 1/16W 2.2K Ohm
0790043RRes.chip 1/16W 2.7K Ohm
0790028RRes.chip 1/16W 220 Ohm
0790055RRes.chip 1/16W 22K Ohm
0790029RRes.chip 1/16W 270 Ohm
0790069RRes.chip 1/16W 270K Ohm
0790056RRes.chip 1/16W 27K Ohm
0790044RRes.chip 1/16W 3.3K Ohm
0790045RRes.chip 1/16W 3.9K Ohm
0790031RRes.chip 1/16W 330 Ohm
0790057RRes.chip 1/16W 33K Ohm
0790058RRes.chip 1/16W 39K Ohm
0790046RRes.chip 1/16W 4.7K Ohm
0790033RRes.chip 1/16W 470 Ohm
0790059RRes.chip 1/16W 47K Ohm
0790047RRes.chip 1/16W 5.6K Ohm
0790021RRes.chip 1/16W 56 Ohm
0790034RRes.chip 1/16W 560 Ohm
0790074RRes.chip 1/16W 560K Ohm
0790061RRes.chip 1/16W 56K Ohm
0790048RRes.chip 1/16W 6.8K Ohm
0790022RRes.chip 1/16W 68 Ohm
0790062RRes.chip 1/16W 68K Ohm
AQ00164RRes.chip 1/16W 75 Ohm Tape
0790049RRes.chip 1/16W 8.2K Ohm
0790063RRes.chip 1/16W 82K Ohm
AT03665MRes.mtl Grazd Flm 1/2W 1M
AT03672MRes.mtl Grazd Flm 1/2W 3.3M
AT03676MRes.mtl Grazd Flm 1/2W 6.8M
KQ02642KScc Lens Sassy B
KQ02641KScc Lens Sassy Rg
FT00011Solar Battery(am3011)
PH31681Sp Grill Sasy 65Swx20b
CJ00072RSpark Gap 2.5Kv
GK00921Speaker Sp-12cm C130r01h3350
GK00931Speaker Sp-5cm C060t01h3350
FE10332RSwitch (Type Swp01n01tksh0636bt)
BT02061Switching Transformer
2324321MTransistor 2Sc2610-05
2326811Transistor 2Sc3468 (E/f)
AW00123Trimmer Resistor
AW00208Trimmer Resistor 100Kohm 1/2W
CF02281RTrs. 2Sa821s
2326216Trs. 2Sc3116 (S/t)
2312171Trs. 2Sc3852
2320591MTrs. 2Sc458 (B Tz/c Tz) Si 230Mhz200mw
CF00821FTrs. 2Sc4686a 1200V
CF02731FTrs. 2Sc5681
CF01583FTrs. 2Sk2771-01r-f168r
CF02771RTrs. Kta1270
CF02781RTrs. Ktc200yat
CF01421RTrs. Ktc3198 (Gr) Tape
CA01261RTrs.chip 2Sa1980s
CA01271RTrs.chip 2Sc5343s
CA00461RTrs.chip 2Sd2114k 20V Tape
CA01301RTrs.chip Ndc7002n
H311851Ultra Digital Badge
2168771X'tal(type Csb503f30)
2331809MZener Diode Hz-6 Tape (C3) Si 500Mw
2331827Zener Diode Hz-9 Tape (C1) Si 500Mw 9.3V
2339882MZener Diode Hzs-12(a2) Tape
2339802MZener Diode Hzs2b2 Tape
2334324MZener Diode Rd36e Tape (B3) Si 500Mw 36V
2331154MZener Hz-12 (A1-3 B1-3.ta) Si 200Ma 14.3V
2335042MZener Hz-22 (2L Tp) Si 200Ma 400Mw
2331771MZener Hz-3a1 Tape
2331844MZener Hz12-b1
2331849MZener Hz12c3 (Ta) Si 500Mw
2331815MZener Hz7-b2
2331824MZener Hz9b1 Ta
2339801MZener Hzs-2 Tape (B1) Si 400Mw 2.0V
2339836MZener Hzs-5 B3
2339837Zener Hzs-5c1 Tape
2339843MZener Hzs-6 A3 (Si 200Ma)
2339881MZener Hzs12a1 Ta
2339961MZener Hzs30-1 Ta
2339971MZener Hzs33-1 Ta
2339816MZener Hzs3b3 Tape
2339817MZener Hzs3c1 Ta
2339821MZener Hzs4a1 Ta
2339827MZener Hzs4c1 Ta
2339832MZener Hzs5a2 Ta
2339847MZener Hzs6c1 Ta
2339849Zener Hzs6c3 Ta
2339857MZener Hzs7c1 Si
2339859MZener Hzs7c3 Ta
2334243MZener Rd16e (B2 T2/tp/ta) Si 10Ma 16.51V
2334304Zener Rd30e (B3 T2/tp/ta) Si 5Ma 30.51V
2334305MZener Rd30e (B4 T2/tp/ta) Si 5Ma 30.51V
Part NumberDescriptionDemand
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