ImageModel NumberDescription# of Parts
CHER203AABB20" Electric Range - Black54
CHER203AAWW20" Electric Range - White For54
CHER243AAWW24" Electric Range - White For52
CHER303AABB30" Electric Range - Black43
CHER303AAWW30" Electric Range - White For43
HCR2250ADS24-inch Freestanding Range, Dual Fuel, Convection88
HCR2250AES24-inch Electric Range With 4 Radiant Element90
HCR2250AGS24 Inch Gas Range138
HCR6250AGS36 Inch Gas Range140
HDD300SS6Hdd300ss6:30" Rangehood 300 Cf24
HER203AABBElectric Range54
HER203AAWWHer203aaww:20" Elec Range Coil54
HER203QABSHer203qabs:20" Elec Rng Coil B55
HER243AABB24 Inch Electric Range53
HER243AAWWHer243aaww:24" Elec Range Coil54
HER243QABSHer243qabs:24" Elec Rng Coil B2
HER303AABB30 Inch Electric Range43
HER303AAWWHer303aaww:30" Elec Range Coil43
HER303QABSHer303qabs:30" Elec Rng Coil B47
HGRA201AABB20 Inch Gas Range63
HGRA201AAWWHgra201aaww:20" Gas Range Std66
HGRA202EABB20 Inch Gas Range68
HGRA202EAWWHgra202eaww:20" Gas Range Seal68
HGRA202QABSHgra202qabs:20" Gas Range Seal69
HGRA241AABB24" Free Standing Gas Range68
HGRA241AAWWHgra241aaww:24" Gas Range Std68
HGRA242EABB24 Inch Gas Range68
HGRA242EAWW24" Gas Range Sealed Burner68
HGRA242QABSHgra242qabs:24" Gas Rng Sealed71
HGRA301AABB30 Inch Gas Range68
HGRA301AAWWHgra301aaww:30" Gas Range Std68
HGRA302EABB30 Inch Gas Range66
HGRA302EAWWHgra302eaww:30" Gas Range Seal66
HGRA302QABSHgra302qabs:30" Gas Range Seal6
HGRP201AABBHgrp201aabb:20" Gas Range Blac64
HGRP201AAWWHgrp201aaww:20" Gas Range Std64
HGRP241AABB24 Inch Gas Range66
HGRP241AAWWHgrp241aaww:24" Gas Range Std66
HGRP301AABB30 Inch Gas Range63
HGRP301AAWWHgrp301aaww:30" Gas Range Std64
HHX1030B30" Rangehood 180 Cfm Bisque2
HHX1030BKHhx1030bk:30" Black 220 Cfm Ra22
HHX1030BQHhx1030bq:30" Bisque 220 Cfm R22
HHX1030SSHhx1030ss:30" Stainless Steel22
HHX1030WHhx1030w:30" White 220 Cfm Ran22
HHX2030B30" Rangehood 200 Cfm Bisque2
HHX2030BKHhx2030bk:30" Black 200 Cfm Ra25
HHX2030BQHhx2030bq:30" Bisque 220 Cfm R25
HHX2030SSHhx2030ss:30" Stainless Steel24
HHX2030WRange Vent Hood25
HHX3030B30" Rangehood 310 Cfm Bisque2
HHX3030BKHhx3030bk:30" Black 300 Cfm Ra34
HHX3030BQHhx3030bq:30" Bisque 300 Cfm R34
HHX3030SSHhx3030ss:30" Stainless Steel33
HHX3030WHhx3030w:30" White 300 Cfm Ran33
HHX6030BQHhx6030bq:30" Range Hood 380 C27
HHX6030SSHhx6030ss:30' Range Hood 390 C26
HHX6030WHhx6030w:30" Range Hood 300 Cf26
HHX6130SSHhx6130ss:30" Stainless Steel35
HHX7030SSHhx7030ss:30" Range Hood 390 C22
HHX7130SSHhx7130ss:30" 390 Cfm Stainles35
HHX8036SSHhx8036ss:hhx8036ss - 36" 53035
HMV1472BHS24-inch Over-the-range Microwave66
LHV3330DBBBLhv3330dbbb:ducted Hood Blk Lo22
LHV3330DBWWLhv3330dbww:ducted Hood Wht Lo30
LHV3330SBSSLhv3330sbss:ducted Hood Sts Lo22
LHV4330DBBB30 Inch Convertible Range Hood With 3-speed Fan (b38
LHV4330DBWW30 Inch Convertible Range Hood With 3-speed Fan (w36
LHV4330SBSS30 " Convertible Range Hood , 3-speed Fan (stainle37
LHV5330DBBBLhv5330dbbb:ducted Hood Blk Lo37
LHV5330DBWWLhv5330dbww:ducted Hood Wht Lo36
LHV5330SBSSLhv5330sbss:ducted Hood Sts Lo38