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VIZIO parts and accessoriesVIZIO VO42LFHDTV10A
Variation: LJPBWCJ
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Parts and Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionDemand
0260-0000-0420Ac Inlet+vhr5p 1617#22 420Mm 1015#18 115Mm
1925-1200-9890Accessary Box (300W*230d*50h)
1947-1200-0400Acetate Cloth Tape 20*45Mm
1947-1200-0310Acetate Cloth Tape 27*75Mm
1947-1200-3680Acetate Cloth Tape 40*80Mm
1947-1200-0820Acetate Cloth Tape 60*45Mm
1701-0527-4010Base Cab (Vo42l)(abs 94-Hb/sd-0150, Blk)
1701-1000-0430Base Foot (Tm-32v)Y
0602-3000-0020Battery Zn-carbon 1.5V Aa(r6kg) Toshiba Lf
0602-5000-0020Battery Zn-carbon 1.5V Aa(r6p/2s) Mitsubishi
1925-1201-0850Box For Mb Vu42l Fhdtv10a-skd
1701-1500-2560Cable Clip (Vw42l Hdtv10a)
1925-1900-0610Carton Joint (Tm-32v)
1925-1201-1600Carton Partition For M/b (Vo42lf,skd)(480*388*160)
1925-1200-9591Carton Tray (Vw42l Fhdtv10a)
1925-1201-1150Carton Vizio Vo42l Fhdtv10a
1925-2000-0080D.size Polishing Cloth Vizio
3642-0062-0156Display Bd Ass'y Vo42l Fhdtv10a
1701-0419-2010Display Key (Vo42l)(abs 94-Hb/sd-0150, Blk)
1925-1000-4840Epe Form_top For M/b (Vs42l Fhdtv10a, Skd)
1925-1000-5120Eps Foam_bl (Vo42l Fhdtv10a)
1925-1000-5130Eps Foam_br (Vo42l Fhdtv10a)
1925-1000-5100Eps Foam_tl (Vo42l Fhdtv10a)
1925-1000-5110Eps Foam_tr (Vo42l Fhdtv10a)
1801-0128-2020Front Bezel (Vo42lf)(abs 94-Hb/sd-0150,blk) Ass'y
1712-0300-1700Full Hd Plate (Vo40l/vo47l Fhdtv10a)(al-a1017 T=0.5m
1947-1700-1100Gasket Block (20.0*13.0*10.0)
0321-0000-0661Hdmi Cable 1800Mm Black
0321-0000-0790Hdmi Cable 1800Mm Black (Closed)
0940-0000-1500RInverter Master 6632L-0470a
0940-0000-1510RInverter Slave 6632L-0471a
3642-0052-0189Ir Bd Ass'y Vo42l Fhdtv10a
1925-1100-2300Ld-pe Bag (1280*1050*0.07)
0980-0700-0221Led Backlight 16.72*56*1.5(Lysl-4914wsy-1)580mm Lf
1720-0003-0450Mac. Screw-mb M3*4.0l, Blk-ni
1720-0004-0520Mac. Screw-mb M4.0*5.0l,ni
1720-0204-0620Mac. Screw-mbgw M4.0*6.0l, Ni
1720-3003-0850Mac. Screw-mf M3.0*8.0l,blk-ni
1720-8506-2050Mac. Screw-mfhsfw,m6.0*20.0l,blk-niY
1720-1504-0620Mac. Screw-mpswf M4.0*6.0l,ni
1720-1503-0620Mac.screw-mpswf M3.0*6.0l Ni
1925-1500-0180Main Bd Ass'y Vo42l Fhdtv10a_lc420wu5 (Hdcp)
3642-0482-0395RMain Bd Ass'y Vo42l Fhdtv10a_lc420wu5 (Hdcp)
1925-1300-9501Manual Vizio Vo42l Fhdtv10a
1947-1200-3870Mylar (18.0*28.0*0.6T)(vx32l)
1925-1100-0670Pe Bag (120.0*170.0*0.04T)(no.#6)
1925-1100-0280Pe Bag (180W*290l*0.04t)(pe-ld)(acc.-1)
1925-1100-0231Pe Bag 320*230*0.06T
0500-0507-0520RPower Bd Ass'y Dps-260hp-1 A LfY
0500-0505-0450Power Bd Ass'y Fsp-254-3m01 Lf
0320-4000-0144Power Cord 110V Ul/csa 1800Mm Blk N.m. (Vinc)Y
1925-1300-9491Qsg Vizio Vo42l Fhdtv10a
1701-0223-6010Rear Cover (Vo42l)(abs 94-5V/vh-0815, Blk)
1701-0800-2640Rear Plate(vo42l Fhdtv10a)
1925-1400-2711Register Card Vizio Series
0980-0305-4010Remote Control Vr3p(cr28hln001t) Vizio Lf
3850-0012-0395Safety Strap(vm60p Hdtv10a)
1936-1300-1780Serial No Lbl For Vizio Vs42l Fhdtv10a
1936-1300-1550Serial No.lbl Byd:sign
1947-1700-0050Shielding Al. Tape (50.0*40.0)
1701-0800-2480Side Jack Plate(vo42l Fhdtv10a)
1701-0800-2620Side Plate(vo42l Fhdtv10a)
0960-0000-0100Software Mtk Hdcp Key W/mask Code (China)
1701-1500-1550Spacer Support Mc-8(gv46l Hdtv)
0335-1006-2120Spk Box 10W 6Ohm(145*70*83)500/1000mm Sb-vo3742 Lf
1721-0003-0820Tap. Screw-tb #3.0*8.0L,ni
1721-0004-1050Tap. Screw-tp #4.0*10.0L, Blk-niY
1721-0004-1620Tap. Screw-tp #4.0*16.0L, Blk-ni
1721-0004-0820Tap. Screw-tp #4.0*8.0L,ni
1721-4004-1220Tap.screw-trf #4.0*12.0L,ni
1925-1400-3442Vizio Warranty & Repair Sheet (English)
1712-0101-3710Wall Mount Support (Vo37l Hdtv10a)(m6)
0460-3010-0191Wh A1251h02-10p/a1251h02-10p 1571#28 450Mm
0460-1014-0381Wh A2001-14/a2543-13 1007#24 380Mm
0460-1004-0390Wh A2001h02-4p/a2001h02-4p 1061#26 140Mm
0460-4013-0230Wh A2543-13/a2001-12 1007#24 820Mm
0460-4015-0181Wh A2543-15/a2001-15 1007#24 780Mm+core
0460-3351-0152Wh Pks24020p51/pd240320 20276#30 400Mm Rev2Y
1701-1500-2660Wire Mount(cha-2)(gv52l)
Part NumberDescriptionDemand
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