VIZIO VO420E Eco 42-Inch Class 1080P 60Hz Lcd Hdtv

VIZIO parts and accessoriesVIZIO VO420E Eco 42-Inch Class 1080P 60Hz Lcd Hdtv
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Variation: LAUKECAL
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Parts and Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionDemand
1801-0531-5010Base (Abs 94-Hb/t52013)(vo420e) Ass'y
1801-0531-4010Base Neck (Abs 94-Hb/t52013) (Vo420e) Ass'y
0602-3000-0020Battery Zn-carbon 1.5V Aa(r6kg) Toshiba Lf
0602-5000-0020Battery Zn-carbon 1.5V Aa(r6p/2s) Mitsubishi
1925-1201-2690Carton Vizio Vo420e
1712-0300-2150Eco Full Hd Plate(al 0.5T) (Vo420 / 470E)
1925-1000-6610Eps Foam_bl (Vo420e)
1925-1000-6620Eps Foam_br (Vo420e)
1925-1000-6590Eps Foam_tl (Vo420e)
1925-1000-6600Eps Foam_tr (Vo420e)
1947-1200-1560Filament Tape (Tibon 25Wide)
1801-0131-1021Front Bezel (Tech)(abs 94-Hb,t52013) (Vo420e)ass'y
1947-1800-0370Gasket Block (5.5H*10.0w*30.0lmm)
1925-1400-4030Instruction Sheet For De-base(voe/vlm)
3632-0022-0189Ir Bd Ass'y Vo320e
1925-1100-2300Ld-pe Bag (1280*1050*0.07)
0980-0700-0221Led Backlight 16.72*56*1.5(Lysl-4914wsy-1)580mm Lf
0950-0000-0010License: Dolbly-ac3 Two-channel Dolby Digital Deco
0950-0000-0030License: Hdmi
0950-0000-0020License: Mpeg-la Consumer Products
1725-0004-0550Mac. Screw-mb M4.0*5.0l,blk_ni,nylok
1720-8506-2050Mac. Screw-mfhsfw,m6.0*20.0l,blk-niY
1720-7344-0520Mac. Screw-mhsw #4-40*5.0L,ni
1725-4003-0651Mac. Screw-mrf M3.0*6.0l W=8.5,blk_ni,nylok
1720-9604-0820Mac.screw Handle M4.0*8l(ni Plating)
1720-1503-1220Mac.screw-mpswf M3.0*12.0l Ni
1925-1301-0840Manual Vizio Vo370m
1947-1200-3780Mylar L60*w6*t1.5mm(vx37l)
1749-5080-0021Nut 3/8 -32(W17.0*2.0t,ni)(for Tuner)
1947-1200-1580Paper Tape (Four Pillars-cm-35 20.0 Wide)
1925-1100-0670Pe Bag (120.0*170.0*0.04T)(no.#6)
1925-1100-2900Pe Bag (590*480 Pe-ld )(Mk221)
1925-1100-3140Pe Bag 340*230*0.08T (Voj370)
1925-1100-0260Pe Bag 50*80*0.06T
0320-4000-0144Power Cord 110V Ul/csa 1800Mm Blk N.m. (Vinc)Y
0500-0407-0750RPower/inverter Ass'y Bd Dps-260jp A LfY
0500-0412-0750RPower/inverter Ass'y Bd Plhl-t802a Lf
1925-1301-0830Qsg Vizio Vo370m
1801-0225-6010Rear Cover (Abs 94-Fr/t52013)(vo420e) Ass'y
1925-1400-4040Register Card Vizio Series
0980-0305-3000RRemote Control Vr2 (Eurt29a001) Vizio Lf
0980-0305-3021RRemote Control Vr2 R1.0 Vizio Lf
3850-0012-0395Safety Strap(vm60p Hdtv10a)
1936-1300-1550Serial No.lbl Byd:sign
1701-0800-5120Side Jack Plate Vizio Vl320m
0960-0000-0100Software Mtk Hdcp Key W/mask Code (China)
1701-1500-1550Spacer Support Mc-8(gv46l Hdtv)
0335-1006-2990Spk Box 10W 6Ohm (145*70*83) 491818 Lf
3642-0732-0395RSub Main Bd Ass'y Vo420e_lc420wug-sbr1-7r1_per
1721-0004-2050Tap. Screw-tb #4.0*20.0L, Blk-niY
1721-0004-2650Tap. Screw-tb #4.0*26.0L, Blk-niY
1721-1003-0850Tap. Screw-tp #3.0X8.0l, Blk-niY
1721-0004-1250Tap. Screw-tp #4.0*12.0L, Blk-ni
1721-4004-1220Tap.screw-trf #4.0*12.0L,ni
1701-1500-2670Usb Connector Cover(usbc-2)
0460-1004-0460Wh A2001-4/a2001-4 1061#26 540Mm
0460-1020-0030Wh A2006-2x10p/a2543-12+6p 1007#24 680Mm
0460-2860-0012Wh Ffc 60P (0.5Mm) 490Mm (235) G/f Rev1
0460-2860-0021Wh Ffc 60P (0.5Mm) 550Mm (240Mm) G/f
Part NumberDescriptionDemand