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Toshiba 50HM66 Super-bright Projection T

Toshiba parts and accessoriesToshiba 50HM66 Super-bright Projection T
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Parts and Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionLocationDemand
2006SIM170"Frmwre Update Sim Ver 69 50Hm66 32Hlv16Y
96CARDTL012006 Service Card
7500494550Hm66 Seine Board
7500494656Hm66 Seine Board
75005402Ballast Fan Sp.l70
75002006Ballast Power Pc Board Pe0032b2Y
75009071Bezel Asm Rack Cab.
75007103Bracket Pla Bottom Screen
75007102Bracket Pla Side S
75007101Bracket Top Screen
75002053Cabinet, C
75002043Cable, Ffc 24Pin 1.0Mm 130Mm
76073095SCapacitor Electrolytic Ce04p 50V 2200Uf
75002056Carton, 50Hm66
75002055Carton, Bottom Tray Assy
23246919Coil Chok
23246934Coil Chok
23248442Coil Chok
23289972Coil Peak
23289979Coil Peak
23289100Coil Peaking
23248227Coil Tln3481ad
23246662Coil, Chip
23246019Coil, Chip Choke, 5X2h, 4.7Mmh, Tln3632a
23248386Coil, Chok
23248417Coil, Chok
23289985Coil, Peak
23289996Coil, Peak
23289220Coil, Peaking, Trf
23289047Coil, Peaking, Trf
23289043Coil, Peaking, Trf
23757099Connector, 24Fmn-bmttn-a-tft(g), 24Fmnbm
23757135Connector, 24Fmn-smt-a-tft(g), 24Smtatft
23713908Connector, B3p-vh(lf)(sn)
23713911Connector, B6p-vh(lf)(sn)
75002023Connector, Floating Bb, 1.25Mm, 3-917360
75002022Connector, Floating Btob, 1.25Mm, 3-9173
75002038Cooling Fan
75002048Cover, Bac
75002049Cover, Bez
75002051Cover, Spe
75001959Crystal Resonator, At-41cd2-exs00a-02181
23153607Crystal, 3
23357697 NDiode 1Ss133
23118859Diode 1Ss133
23357711Diode Bri
23357506Diode Chi
23362216Diode Chi
23362216LDiode Dan202ut106
23357637 NDiode Do-34 Rdb.6
23357513Diode Erb44 06
23118094CDiode Eu2a
23357739LDiode Ma8047-m,tx
23357866 NDiode Mtzj12c T77
23357831 NDiode Mtzj4.7b T77
23357838 NDiode Mtzj5.6c T77
23362211HDiode Rb095b-30tl
23357684 NDiode Rd3.0esa B2
23357654 NDiode Rd36esa B3-t
23362214LDiode Rsx301l-30 T
23362210Diode Sch
23362211Diode Sch
23362214Diode Sch
AD300412Diode Silicon 1Ss355 Te-17
23362140LDiode Sw. Kds160-r
23357406LDiode Udzs Te-17 5
23357506LDiode Us Dap202u T
23357739Diode Zen
23357865Diode Zen
23357874Diode Zen
23357864Diode Zener Vz11.
23357703Diode, 1Ss
23357922Diode, 1Ss
23357697Diode, 1Ss13373702
23316231Diode, 1Ss355
23357511Diode, Ag0
23357512Diode, Al0
23316390Diode, D3s
23362204Diode, D3s
75002032Diode, Fmw-2106
75002031Diode, Fmw-24l
23357366Diode, Fr1
23362005Diode, Hzs
23362140Diode, Kds
23362046Diode, Ln1
23357745Diode, Ma8
23357754Diode, Ma8
23357838Diode, Mtz
23357850Diode, Mtz
23357852Diode, Mtz
23357866Diode, Mtz
23357893Diode, Mtz
23357905Diode, Mtz
23357852XDiode, Mtzj9.1c, Zener
23362197Diode, Rb0
75002030Diode, Rb085t-40
23357518Diode, Rbv-406m, L
23357666Diode, Rd2
23357654Diode, Rd3
23357684Diode, Rd3
23118603Diode, Rd36esa-b3,
23357637Diode, Rd5
23357625Diode, Rd9
23357627Diode, Rd9
75002033Diode, Rn731v Te-17
23358602Diode, Spr-54mvwflmn, Led Red-grn
23357406Diode, Udz
23357644Diode, Zen
23357831Diode, Zen
23357853Diode, Zen
23357674Diode, Zener, Rd10
75005403Dmd Fan Sp.l7005g0
75002039Fan, Dc D07r-12tl03b(k)
23103302Ferrite Ch
23103304Ferrite Ch
23103307Ferritr Ch
75001961Fet, 2Sk2035(te85l,f), N-ch Mos
23103272Filter, Em
75002021Filter, Lf Lh28v, 5Mh, 3.2A, Et28-502-01
75002045Fresnel Screen
23144707Fuse 0.63A-n 125V
23144709CFuse 125V 1.5A
23144281Fuse Axia
23144378Fuse Radi
23144714CFuse, 125V 4.0 A-n
23144715CFuse, 125V 5.0 A-n
23144227Fuse, Axia
23144250Fuse, Axia
23144252Fuse, Axia
23144709Fuse, Axia
23144714Fuse, Axia
23144715Fuse, Axia
23144326Fuse, Cart
23144275Fuse, Cartridge, 125V, 6.3A
23144318Fuse, Cartridge, 5.2X20, 125V, 6.3A
23144374Fuse, Radial Lead, Sub-miniatur, 800Ma,
23165433Holder, Fu
23085527Ic Dual O
23085454Ic Power
23000903Ic Regula
75002193Ic, 218T314zga21g
23085635Ic, 2Sc343
23085023Ic, An5832sa
23085415Ic, Bd4746
75002035Ic, Bd9106fvm-tr
23085476Ic, Br24l16f-w
75001952Ic, M30302map-a14gp U0
23135038Ic, Mip290
23009418Ic, Mm1505
23009418XIc, Mm1505
75001949Ic, Mx29lv004cttc-70g, Flash Memory
23009978XIc, Njm2804u1-334
23009978Ic, Njm2804u1-334
23085587Ic, Njm431
23085950Ic, Njw1180afp1
38050246Ic, On3171
23085576Ic, Op Amp
23085542Ic, Photo
75002034Ic, Pq1lax95mspq
23085431Ic, Ps2581
75002037Ic, Str-z4316(lf1503)
23085839Ic, Ta8216
23085955Ic, Tb1311fg(dry)
23085100Ic, Tc7w66fu(lf)
23085389Ic, Upc1093j73612
75002036Ic, Upc3221gv-e1
23103230Inductor B
23103887Inductor C
23023184Jack, 1S3p
23365920Jack, 5P
23365949Jack, 5P
23023128Jack, Phon
23023301Jack, Y/c
72514010Lamp Back Light Vnr15c458v-lu
75004854Lamp Door
75005401Lamp Fan Sp.l7003
23311148Led Lamp
23358619Led, Blue 21P1xel, Sla580bct
75002044Lenticular Screen
75002047Light Engine- Ballast,fans,temp Sensor,color Wheel
72796068Light Tunnel
75004853Lvds Cbe 50/56Hm66
75002058Manual, Installation English/franch
75002057Manual, Operating English/frenc
75002601Manual, Own & Inst
75006621Mirror 50E6m3
23845859Mt7u Wire
23316759Mtzj36c, Ze
75002047XOptical Engine 95.
75002054Pad,top Foam
75002005Pc Board A
75002016Pc Board A
75002067Pc Board A
75002847Pc Board Assy, Bal
75002876Pc Board Assy, D-tuner Dlp/fpd, Pe0044a1
75002592Pc Board Assy, D-tuner, B912pe0044a1
75002010Pc Board Assy, Doo
75006609Pc Board Assy, Door Switch, Pe0032b6
75002012Pc Board Assy, Key Switch(1080p 06Model)
75002009Pc Board Assy, Key Switch(720p 06Model),
75002013Pc Board Assy, Led(1080p 06Model), Pe003
75002011Pc Board Assy, Led(720p 06Model), Pe0032
75002015Pc Board Assy, Pe0033a2, Tv-micro, 50Hm6
75002014Pc Board Assy, Regulator, Pe0033a1
75002007Pc Board Assy, Remote Eye, Pe0032b3
75002008Pc Board Assy, Side Av Input, Pe0032b4
23000823XPhoto Coup
23904427Photo Coup*nlatlp6
BZ410055Photo Couple Tlp621 (Gr)
23000823Photo Coupler Tlp73597
79050044Photo Coupler, Tlp
23358616Photo Diod
75002052Piece Av B
23713810Plug , Tac
23713702Plug, 2P 1
23713713Plug, 2P 3
23713754Plug, 3P 2
23713776Plug, 3P 2
23164965Plug, 4P ,
23713755Plug, 4P 2
23713756Plug, 5P 2
23713757Plug, 6P 2
23713758Plug, 7P 2
23713759Plug, 8P 2
23713761Plug, Np 2
23372117Power Cord
23000852Receiver R
23146584Relay, Dc1
23146587Relay, Dc1
23146590Relay, Dls
23146591Relay, G5p
REM48TVBRemote ControlY
76019399Resistor, Chip Block, 1/16W 56 Ohm J, P-
23717443Screw, Av
23717241Screw, Bit
23738085Screw, Btb
23738088Screw, Btb
75002042Signal Splitter, Branch, Rsu144
23903245Socket, Ta
23713819Socket, Tw
95SEINE134Software Update 20
95SEINE132Software Update 20
75002024Speaker As
23344507Switch P
23344522Switch, Sp
75002050Terminal, Av Mount Assy, 50Hm66
75005633Toshiba Logo 50Hm
23205497 NTrans. Kta1266y-at
23205329LTrans. Rn1404(te85
23205325LTrans. Rn2404(te85
75002020Transformer, Choke, St-h0061
75002019Transformer, Converter, Tpw3588as
75002018Transformer, Tpw3589ah
23205309Transistor, 2Sa101
75002027Transistor, 2Sa1576a
75002028Transistor, 2Sc3356-t1b
75002029Transistor, 2Sc4081
75002026Transistor, 2Sj304(f)
75002025Transistor, 2Sj668(q)
75001962Transistor, Dtc144euat106
75002041Tuner, Eng36a51gf
2006PRO368Use 2006Pro365
2006REG270Use 2006Reg265
76019485BVaristor Tnr10v431
23365821Video Jack
75007110XY-66 Lamp V32a0000
Part NumberDescriptionLocationDemand
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