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Sharp Microwave

Part List

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JBTN-B122MRF0BSharp 3-2-3 - Select Button (Start,stop, Fan, Light) 03/27/06YIn Stock 19.46
PSHEPB023MRE0Sharp 3-4 - Led SheetYShips in 30 days27.35
XEPS730P10XS0Sharp 3-5 - ScrewShips in 30 days0.67
FPNLCB465MRK0Sharp 3-6 - Control Panel Mold- Control Panel Frame 03/27/06Ships in 30 days17.02
LANGQB052MRP0Sharp 3-7 - Key Fixing AgShips in 30 days8.87
PSHEPB101MRE0Sharp 3-8 - Select Button RubberShips in 30 days2.49
QCNCMA017JDZZSharp 3-Pin Connector Cn-aShips in 30 days8.87
QCNCMA448DRE0Sharp 5-Pin Connector Cn-bShips in 30 days0.67
PCOVPB096MRT0ASharp Base CoverShips in 30 days38.35
JBTN-B641WRFZSharp Button - Otx-blackYIn Stock 5.19
RALM-A010DRE0Sharp BuzzerShips in 30 days7.01
PFIL-B006MRE0Sharp Charcoal FilterYIn Stock 27.00
LANGTB055MRP0ASharp Chassis SupportYIn Stock 3.63
GCOVHB044MRF0Sharp Choke CoverYShips in 30 days47.75
LBSHC0037WRE0Sharp Cord BushingShips in 30 days1.00
LX-MZB001MRE0Sharp Cord HolderShips in 30 days1.50
LSTPPB023MRF0Sharp Door Latch Head Ref# 5-2-1YIn Stock 7.01
FDORFB070MRT0Sharp Door Panel AssemblyShips in 30 days42.40
LSTPPB038MRF0Sharp Door StopperShips in 30 days7.01
FFTA-B007MRK0Sharp Exhaust Damper Assy.Ships in 30 days19.00
NFANPB006MRE0Sharp Fan BladeShips in 30 days2.49
HDECQB027MRF0ASharp Front Panel LYShips in 33 days14.53
QFSHDB003MRE0Sharp Fuse HolderYShips in 30 days19.46
PFIL-B002MRE0Sharp Grease FilterYIn Stock 17.00
QW-QZB025MRE0Sharp High Voltage Wire AShips in 30 days7.01
PDUC-B114MRF0Sharp Hood Duct LeftShips in 30 days24.65
PDUC-B115MRF0Sharp Hood Duct RShips in 30 days24.65
PDIF-B030MRF0BSharp Hood Exhaust LouverShips in 30 days24.65
FMOTEA584WRKZSharp Hood Fan MotorShips in 30 days78.16
PDUC-B112MRP0Sharp Hood Intake Duct RShips in 30 days8.87
PGLSPB004MRE0Sharp Hood Lamp GlassShips in 30 days24.65
FANGKB009MRY0Sharp Hood Lamp Glass AssyShips in 30 days22.06
LX-CZB004MRE0Sharp Hood Louver ScrewsYShips in 30 days0.67
RTRN-B098MRE0Sharp Hv TransformerShips in 30 days125.70
TINSEB283MRR0Sharp Installation ManualShips in 30 days1.50
CFZK-B460MRK0Sharp Installation Material AssyShips in 30 days11.00
QSOCLB006MRE0Sharp Lamp SocketIn Stock 5.19
PHOK-A182WRFZSharp Latch HookYIn Stock 11.05
MSPRTA046WRE0Sharp Latch SpringYIn Stock 3.63
FW-VZB189MRE0Sharp Lead Wire Harness Cn-cShips in 30 days32.85
FW-VZB188MRE0Sharp Low Voltage HarnessShips in 30 days32.85
RV-MZA288WRE0Sharp MagnetronYIn Stock 102.14
PDUC-B155WRFZSharp Magnetron DuctShips in 30 days13.18
FFS-BA016/KITSharp Monitor Switch W/fuseYIn Stock 7.01
MLEVFB007MRP0Sharp Mounting LeverShips in 30 days2.49
MLEVPB016MRF0Sharp Open LeverYNo3.63
TINSEB282MRK0Sharp Operation ManualShips in 30 days3.50
PDUC-B117MRF0Sharp OrificeShips in 30 days2.49
GCABUB185WRPZSharp Outer Case CabinetShips in 30 days92.59
RLMPTA086WRZZSharp Oven And Hood LampYIn Stock 14.00
FACCDB011MRE0Sharp Power Supply CordYIn Stock 38.35
RTRN-B076MRE0Sharp Power Transformer For Serial#411112-4xxxxxxxShips in 30 days53.09
QSW-MA085WRE0Sharp Primary Interlock & Door Sensing SwitchYIn Stock 7.01
RRLY-B004MRE0Sharp Realy Ry4-6Ships in 30 days7.01
LSTY-B026MRP0Sharp Rear StayShips in 30 days7.01
RRLY-A113DRE0Sharp Relay Ry1-2Ships in 30 days17.02
LANG-B002MRP0Sharp Scale PlateShips in 30 days3.50
TMAPCB067MRR0Sharp Schematic DiagramShips in 30 days1.40
XOTS740P12000Sharp Screw: 4Mm X 12MmYShips in 30 days0.50
LX-BZ0531FCPZSharp Screw: 4Mm X 8MmShips in 30 days1.40
XBRS750P60000Sharp Screw: 5Mm X 60MmShips in 30 days13.00
PSHEPB021MRE0Sharp Sealer FilmYIn Stock 5.19
LX-CZ0052WRE0Sharp Special ScrewShips in 30 days0.67
RTHM-A136WRZZSharp Thermal Cut-out N.o. 60 C (Hood Fan)YIn Stock 13.18
RTHM-A180WRZZSharp Thermal Cut-out(cavity)YIn Stock 7.01
TINSKB075MRR0Sharp Top TemplateShips in 30 days1.50
PCUSGB043MRP0Sharp Transformer CushionShips in 30 days2.49
RMOTDA252WRZZSharp Tt MotorYIn Stock 19.46
PPACGB014MRF0Sharp Tt Motor PackingShips in 30 days0.67
FROLPA117WRKZSharp Tt SupportYIn Stock 63.00
NTNT-A108WREZSharp Tt Tray Glass YIn Stock 37.00
FANGTB005MRY0Sharp Unit Mounting Plate Ref 4-10YIn Stock 30.15
TINSKB108MRR0Sharp Wall TemplateShips in 30 days3.50
PCOVPB085MRP0Sharp Waveguide CoverYIn Stock 11.00