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Sharp R1500 Sharp Microwave

Sharp parts and accessoriesSharp R1500 Sharp Microwave
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Parts and Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionDemand
QCNCMA275DRE02-Pin Connector Cn-e
JBTN-B122MRF0A3-2-3 - Select Button (Start,stop, Fan, Light) 03/27/06
MSPRCA045WRE03-2-4 - Button Spring
LHLD-B009MRF03-3 - Lcd Holder
PSHEPB023MRE03-4 - Led SheetY
XEPSD30P10XS03-5 - Screw
FPNLCB465MRK03-6 - Control Panel Mold- Control Panel Frame 03/27/06
LANGQB052MRP03-7 - Key Fixing Ag
PSHEPB101MRE03-8 - Select Button Rubber
QCNCMA017JDZZ3-Pin Connector Cn-a
FCOV-B186MRK05-2 Door Frame Assembly
QCNCMA448DRE05-Pin Connector Cn-b
PCOVPB096MRT0ABase Cover
JBTN-B142MRF0AButton - Otx-black
MSPRTA050WRE0Button SpringY
LBNDKB009MRP0Capacitor Holder
PFIL-B006MRE0Charcoal FilterY
LANGTB055MRP0AChassis Support
GCOVHB044MRF0Choke CoverY
FPNLCB372MRK0Control Panel Sub Assembly- Keypad,buttons,frame
CPWBFB075MRU0Control Unit With Display
LBSHC0037WRE0Cord BushingY
LX-MZB001MRE0Cord Holder
CDORFB279MRK0Door Assy, Otx Blk
LSTPPB023MRF0Door Latch Head Ref# 5-2-1Y
FDORFB070MRT0Door Panel AssemblyY
LSTPPB038MRF0Door Stopper
FFTA-B007MRK0Exhaust Damper Assy.
NFANPB006MRE0Fan Blade
HDECQB027MRF0BFront Panel L
QFSHDB003MRE0Fuse Holder
PFIL-B002MRE0Grease FilterY
QW-QZB025MRE0High Voltage Wire A
PDUC-B114MRF0Hood Duct Left
PDUC-B115MRF0Hood Duct R
PDIF-B030MRF0BHood Exhaust Louver
FMOTEA489WRKZHood Fan Motor
PDUC-B112MRP0Hood Intake Duct R
PGLSPB004MRE0Hood Lamp Glass
LANGQB016MRP0Hood Lamp Glass Angle
FANGKB009MRY0Hood Lamp Glass AssyY
LX-CZB004MRE0Hood Louver Screws
RC-QZA331WRZZHv CapacitorY
FH-DZB028MRY0Hv Rectifier (Diode)Y
RTRN-B098MRE0Hv Transformer
TINSEB283MRR0Installation Manual
CFZK-B460MRK0Installation Material Assy
QSOCLB006MRE0Lamp Socket
PHOK-B166WRFZLatch Hook
MSPRTA046WRE0Latch SpringY
FW-VZB189MRE0Lead Wire Harness Cn-c
FW-VZB188MRE0Low Voltage Harness
AMag Temp Fuse
PDUC-B111MRF0AMagnetron Duct
FW-VZB187MRE0Main Harness
FFS-BA016/KITMonitor Switch W/fuseY
MLEVFB007MRP0Mounting Lever
MLEVPB016MRF0Open LeverY
TINSEB282MRK0Operation Manual
GCABUB185WRPZOuter Case Cabinet
RLMPTA086WRZZOven And Hood LampY
FACCDB011MRE0Power Supply Cord
RTRN-B076MRE0Power Transformer For Serial#411112-4xxxxxxx
QSW-MA085WRE0Primary Interlock & Door Sensing SwitchY
RRLY-B004MRE0Realy Ry4-6
LSTY-B026MRP0Rear Stay
RRLY-A113DRE0Relay Ry1-2
LANG-B002MRP0Scale Plate
TMAPCB067MRR0Schematic Diagram
XOTS740P12000Screw: 4Mm X 12MmY
LX-BZ0531FCZZScrew: 4Mm X 8Mm
XBPSD40P08000Screw: 4Mm X 8Mm
LX-BZ0081YBE0Screw: 4Mm X 8Mm
XTSSD50P35000Screw: 5Mm X 35Mm
XBRS750P60000Screw: 5Mm X 60MmY
PSHEPB021MRE0Sealer Film
LX-CZA038WRE0Special Screw
LX-CZ0052WRE0Special Screw
RTRNPB018MRE0T1 Transformer
RTHM-A136WRZZThermal Cut-out N.o. 60 C (Hood Fan)Y
RTHM-A037WRE0Thermal Cut-out(cavity)
CFZK-A382/KITToggle Screw
TINSKB075MRR0Top Template
PCUSGB043MRP0Transformer Cushion
PPACGB014MRF0Tt Motor Packing
NTNT-A108WREZTt Tray Glass Y
FANGTB005MRY0Unit Mounting Plate Ref 4-10Y
RH-VZA032DRE0Vrs1 Varistor
TINSKB108MRR0Wall TemplateY
PCOVPB085MRP0Waveguide CoverY
Part NumberDescriptionDemand
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