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Sony KF50WE610

Sony parts and accessoriesSony KF50WE610
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Parts and Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionDemand
1-202-933-610.1 Ohm, Fuse Resistor
1-216-809-11100 Resistor
A-1605-853-A153 Dic Block Board, Complete
1-126-049-1122Mf Elect Capacitor
A-1302-266-AA Board
A-1302-271-AAu Board Complete
4-103-300-01Board, Bottom
4-103-301-01Board, Top
X-4042-023-1Bottom Cabinet Assy (50)
4-095-607-01Bracket, H2
4-077-712-01Bush, Fan
X-4042-019-1Cap (L) Assy, Rear
X-4042-018-1Cap (R) Assy, Rear
9-910-999-40Capacitor, Ceramic /Nla
4-103-296-01Carton, Hsc
X-4040-886-1Cloth, Cleaning
1-900-277-37Connector 14 Plugs (Red) C2-c1
1-769-837-13Cord,power (With Noise Fi
X-4042-022-1Cover Assembly (50) Bottom
X-4042-017-2Cover Assy (50), Front
4-094-695-11Cover, Rear
4-103-298-01Cushion Lower
4-103-299-01Cushion Upper
1-787-057-11Dc Fan
A-1605-842-ADic Block Compl Assembly
X-4042-011-2Door Assembly, Lamp
A-1302-273-AF Board Assy (Line Filter Pcb
1-787-460-11Fan On Top Of Optical Block -
9-910-999-Y2G1 Board Complete
A-1405-436-AH2 Board
8-759-190-89Ic Tda7265
8-759-442-07Ic41 Lm75cimx-5 Temperature Sensor
A-1606-034-BLamp (Xl2100u)
1-468-798-14Lamp Power Supply Block
1-468-798-12Lamp Power Supply Block
1-825-586-11Loudspeaker (10Cm)
1-825-585-11Loudspeaker (13 X 7Cm)
4-097-546-14Manual, Instruction
A-1087-018-AMirror (50) Assy(irp)
A-1087-017-AMirror Cover Assy(irp)
A-1606-008-AOptical Unit Block
4-097-032-01Plate (50F), Diffusion
4-097-033-01Plate (50L), Diffusion
X-4042-014-2Plate Assy (50), Foot
1-468-798-11Power Supply Block
6-550-526-11Q6506 Irfib7n50a
1-216-049-11R638 For Handset
1-771-787-11Rf Ant Switch
A-1087-016-AScreen Frame Assy(irp)
9-965-377-04Service Manual
2-102-864-01Spacer, Mirror
4-094-757-01Spring Plate
1-803-586-41Th1601 Thermistor
8-598-594-00Tuner Tu8001
8-598-593-50Tuner Tu8002
A-1604-652-AUd Mounted C Board
Part NumberDescriptionDemand