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Philips 37HFL5560D/27 Professional Lcd Tv

Philips parts and accessoriesPhilips 37HFL5560D/27 Professional Lcd Tv
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Parts and Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionLocationDemand
4822051300080R00 Jumper3D19
2120108941321 Ohm 12063291
3198035015201.5Nf 10% 50V 04022T92
319802131010100 Ohm 5% 0.062W 06033306
482211713632100K 1% 0603 0.62W3D30
319802131040100K Ohm 5% 0.062W 06033309
242254900287100Mhz 220 Ohm 08055T31
202055200031100Nf 10% 16V 04022HME
319803521040100Nf 16V 04022T00
319801631010100Pf 10% 50V 06032305
3198032481901090Uf 20% 16V2312
31980213103010K Ohm 5% 0.062W 06033313
53221261158310Nf 10% X7r 50V 0603 Cer23AAA
31980173103010Nf 20% 50V 06032310
48220513010910R00 5% 0,062W7HC1
31980270109010Uf 10% 6.3V 08052HT4
31980274109010Uf 6V3 06032JCF
23227067110311Kohm 1% 04023N03
31980310189018 Ohm 5% 04023AD1
319803101840180K Ohm 5% 04023J4G
3198034010201Nf 50V 04022AE5
3198027810801Uf 6.3V 04022113
483512287135220Nf 10% 16V2T80
202055295419220Nf 10% 16V2T80
31980352223022Nf 16V 04022T06
31980173223022Nf 20% 25V 06032307
31980163229022Pf 10% 50V 06032311
48221223376122Pf 5%Np0 50V5E38
31980270229022Uf 10% 6.3V 08052001
24225360156422Uf 20%5T55
20205520048322Uf 20% 16V2U94
20205520046322Uf 20% 16V 12062125
319803402710270Pf 50V 04022HUL
3198034033803.3Pf 1% 50V 04022T31
202000400009330Uf 20% 10V2AKA
3198031222904 X 22 Ohm 5% 08043AA3
3198027447804.7 Uf 6V3 06032GF4
222278015658470Nf 10% 16V2D18
31980163479047Pf 10% 50V 06032301
31980352473047Uf 16V 04022AD4
20205520048847Uf 20% 6V3 12062U21
2422536007396.8Uf 20% 12105121
93524560016574Hct1g00gw (Phse) R7269
31980213759075 Ohm 5% 06033301
242207098208Ac Cord5U01Y
313928800017As Acc Tray 37Hfl5560d0250
313928770141As Bc 37Me7 Pb522 Na2G63
313917818782As Fix Bkt/l 37Lcd Me71303
313917818962As Fix Bkt/r 37Lcd Me72T27
313926808011As Ir/led Ilc073010
313926805091As Side Io Me7 Lcd Ebj 2K72307
313928800587As Ssb Fe Pb522 Wxga Al Mpeg41150Y
313917818583As Stand 37/42 Me7 Bk3012
313928800601Assy Keybrd Ctrl Me7 Itv 2K73AD3
311125420911Cable Clamp 20 Mm0429
310431100121Cbl 3P3014
313917101651Cble Fx15 41P/280/30p Fi-x-fer3T55
310431109711Cble Kr 11P/820/11p Kr Wh Ul5212
310431113201Cble Kr 8P/80/8p Kr Wh Ul9JA7
313917101631Cble Pa 2P3/1100/2p3 24St-ins5G11
313917101611Cble Pa 2P3/340/2p3 24St Ins3AA6
NSICble Ph 04P/680+680/2x2ft8D00
313928100171Cble Ph 07P/680/07p Ph Fer2U82
313928100531Cble Ph 11P/820/11p Ph Fer3D29
313913108601Cble Ph 3P/80/3p Ph 26St Bk5T61
313928100001Cble Ph 3P5/080/3p5 Ph Bk3GB8
313928100071Cble Ph 4P/680+680/2ft Fer2N19
313913107191Cble Ph 4P/820/4p Ph Usb Ferul2T04
310431112011Cble Ph 4P/820/4p Ph Usb Ul2HRX
310431107121Cble Vh 2P3/220/inlet Ins2311
313917101841Cble Vh 2P3/280/inlet Ins Ul2HS8
319803401010Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 100P Col4309
319803401090Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 10P Col2GK2
483512287026Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 12P Col3D00
483512287027Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 150P Col6T01
483512287047Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 15P Col3HHY
319803402290Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 22P Col3011
483512287029Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 27P Col6001
319803403390Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 33P Col7U00
319803404710Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 470P Col2HUQ
319803404790Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 47P Col3305
319803404780Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 4P7 Col7011
319803408280Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 8P2 Col5015
223891611552Cer1 0603 Np0 25V 1N5 Pm5 R2D17
483512287025Cer1 0603 Np0 50V 100P Pm5 R2G68
319801632210Cer1 0603 Np0 50V 220P Col2HRR
482212611785Cer1 0603 Np0 50V 47P Pm52D20
319803521030Cer2 0402 X7r 16V 10N Col3010
319803514720Cer2 0402 X7r 25V 4N7 Col3HTF
319803501020Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 1N Col7JA1
319803502210Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 220P Col3D17
319803502220Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 2N2 Col1302
319803503310Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 330P Col3D74
319803503320Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 3N3 Col8308
319803504710Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 470P Col3D14
319803506810Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 680P Col6U10
319803571040Cer2 0402 Y5v 16V 100N Col3T75
202055200291Cer2 0603 X5r 6V3 10U Pm20 R4018
319801731040Cer2 0603 X7r 16V 100N Col6307
319802721090Cer2 0805 X5r 16V 10U Col R2TA6
202055200179Cer2 0805 X5r 25V 2U2 Pm10 R1GE1
202055200134Cer2 0805 X5r 6V3 22U Pm20 R6U81
202055296448Cer2 0805 X7r 16V 1U Pm10 R8H18
222278015663Cer2 0805 X7r 16V 1U Pm10 R7D06
223878015654Cer2 0805 X7r 16V 220N Pm10 R1T04
202055296205Cer2 0805 X7r 16V 470N Pm10 R2T81
202055296823Cer2 1206 X5r 16V 10U Pm10 R7107
202055200028Cer2 1206 X5r 6V3 47U Pm20 R2U09
NOTEChassis Pb52.1hula
242202520765Con H 20P F 0.80 Sm 1759392 R1T13
242202518146Con H 3P M 2.00 Wh 440055 B1M01
242202520715Con H 41P F 0.50 Sm Fx15s R1G50
242202518151Con H 7P M 2.00 Wh 440055 B1M20
242202518755Con H 8P M 2.00 Sm Ph R1T12
319804000110Con V 11P M 2.00 Col B1E90
242202510655Con V 11P M 2.00 Ph B2121
242202510772Con V 12P M 2.00 Ph B3H70
242202520766Con V 20P F 0.80 Sm 1759428 R1C00
242202510768Con V 3P M 2.00 Ph B6113
319804000040Con V 4P M 2.00 Col B1N30
242202509406Con V 4P M 2.00 Ph B3U74
319804000050Con V 5P M 2.00 Col B1C02
319804000070Con V 7P M 2.00 Col B1N51
319804000080Con V 8P M 2.00 Col B1C01
319804000090Con V 9P M 2.00 Col B1U00
242202510775Connector 3P1M01
242202518752Connector 5P M1T11
242202517931Connector 5P M1E91
242202518258Connector 8P M1E21
996510015731Control Board Lc370wxe-saa11GE0
242207600985Cord Coax 20P/140/coax 20P B7280
242207601033Cord Phone 1M Cinch Rdwhye B8196
242207601175Cord Phone-f 1M Phone-m Ra 4P8197
242207601176Cord Phone-m 1M Cinch Rdwhye B8196
313912472481Ctrl Knob - Bk Me73U48
932216517668Dio Rec Sm Stps2l30a (St00) R3D20
319801010720Dio Rec Ss24 Col R3U31
319802051590Dio Reg Sm Bzx384-c15 Col R5B11
319802051890Dio Reg Sm Bzx384-c18 Col R3011
319802053380Dio Reg Sm Bzx384-c3v3 Col R7270
319802053980Dio Reg Sm Bzx384-c3v9 Col R3AAL
319802055680Dio Reg Sm Bzx384-c5v6 Col R3H16
319802056880Dio Reg Sm Bzx384-c6v8 Col R5U95
319802058280Dio Reg Sm Bzx384-c8v2 Col R1303
932214661685Dio Reg Sm Df3a6.8fu(f)(tosj)r7D00
934054858115Dio Reg Sm Pdz9.1b (Phse) R6013
319801010630Dio Sig Sm Bas316 (Col) R3H79
482213082262Dio Sig Sm Bat54 Sod323 Col R3HRM
532213034331Dio Sig Sm Bav70w (Phse) R2122
932226081685Dio Sup Sm Cds4c12gta (Epco) R6HRE
934058865215Dio Sup Sm Pesd12vl2bt (Phse)r6270
319802631020Elcap 25V S 1000U Pm20 Col B2TB2
319802644710Elcap 35V S 470U Pm20 Col B3U02
319803041010Elcap Sm 16V 100U Pm20 Col R3A34
319803041090Elcap Sm 16V 10U Pm20 Col R3H90
319803042290Elcap Sm 16V 22U Pm20 Col R7U82
319803011010Elcap Sm 4V 100U Pm20 Col R5HK3
319803014790Elcap Sm 4V 47U Pm20 Col R1N01
482212411131Elcap Sm 6V3 47U Pm20 Col R1309
202001200001Elcap Sm Sev 16V 220U Pm20 R3JA5
202002100215Elcap Sm Skv 25V 220U Pm20 R7005
202002100477Elcap Sm Skv 25V 220U Pm20 R2N31
202202001046Elcap Sm Ve 10V 1000U Pm20 R2TA7
313912322931Emc Foam 12.7X6.4 L:42mm0485
932224487668Empty Ic7A50
932224562668Fet Pow Fds88847U01
932224341668Fet Pow Si4800bdy-e37U08
934056036215Fet Pow Sm Bsh111 (Phse) R3D40
932220410685Fet Pow Sm Si3441bdv-e3(vish)r7T20
932219473668Fet Pow Sm Si4532ady-e3(vish)r3T13
932216070668Fet Pow Sm Si4936ady-e3(vish)r7H04
932225619668Fet Pow Sm Si4936bdy-e3(vish)r7U82
242254945325Fil Cm Sm 50V 100Mhz 67R R2250
242254901428Filt. 44 Mhz1T55
242254901546Filt. 45.75Mhz1T06
313928880271Fo Chassis Fr 37Me7/s Pb522 Na7U86
313928880273Fo Chassis Fr 37Me7/s Pb522 Na0031
313912322201Foam (20 X 20 X 3.0Mm)0487
212010894136Fuse 2.2Ohm 5% 12063J50
242208600791Fuse Sm T 3A 125V Ul R3119
319801890030Fxdind 0603 100Mhz 120R Col R3H78
319801890070Fxdind 0805 100Mhz 120R Col R2HY7
319801852280Fxdind Sm 0603 2U2 Pm10 Col R2112
319801853380Fxdind Sm 0603 3U3 Pm10 Col R7261
319801832770Fxdind Sm 0805 0U27 Pm10 Col R3HMD
242202605703Headphone Socket2310
932226110668Ic Ede2516aebg-6e-e (Elpi)7HG1
935175000118Ic Sm 74Hc4066pw (Phse) R6GE7
935245660165Ic Sm 74Hct1g08gw (Phse) R7J50
319801070740Ic Sm 74Lcx14t (Col) R3019
932225536668Ic Sm Ad8197aastz (Ana0) R7J00
932219107668Ic Sm L5970d (St00) R3U75
932214497668Ic Sm Ld1117dt (St00) R7HC3
932221728668Ic Sm Ld1117dt18 (St00) R6D62
932216050668Ic Sm Ld1117dt25 (St00) R3237
932211989668Ic Sm Ld1117dt50c (St00) R7T54
932215819682Ic Sm Ld1117s33c (St00) L7U85
932221773668Ic Sm Ld29150pt (St00) R7AKC
932226035671Ic Sm Lgdt1129 (Zeel) Y7B01
932221335668Ic Sm Lm339p (St00) R7T55
932220625668Ic Sm M24c02-wdw6p (St00) R0259
932212474668Ic Sm M24c32-wmn6p (St00) R7D32
932220622668Ic Sm M24c64-wdw6p (St00) R2TA8
932220645668Ic Sm M25p05-avmn6p (St00) R3HS8
932220463685Ic Sm Ncp303lsn10g (Onse) R2AK5
932220746668Ic Sm Ncp5422adg (Onse) R3ADH
932223092671Ic Sm Pacific3-n3(o2) (Tosj) Y7GE2
935266784518Ic Sm Saa7113h/v2 (Phse) R7AD1
932225820668Ic Sm St1s10ph (St00) R7AK1
932216017668Ic Sm St202ecd-e (St00) R3HC6
935285687118Ic Sm Tda9898hl/v2/s1 (Nxp0) R7T57
996500043929Ic Sm Ts431ail (St00) R7D35
242254900393Ind Fxd 0603 Emi 100Mhz 220R R2D44
242254945843Ind Fxd 0603 Emi 100Mhz 30R R3J53
242254943769Ind Fxd 0603 Emi 100Mhz 30R R2D30
242254901582Ind Fxd 0603 Emi 100Mhz 33R R5HRR
242254944197Ind Fxd 0805 Emi 100Mhz 220R R0160
242253600671Ind Fxd Sm 12575 10U Pm20 R3HUP
242253600779Ind Fxd Sm 7045 10U Pm20 R5N55
242253601634Ind Fxd Sm Nr6045 10U Pm20 R5AK0
242253601786Ind Fxd Sm Nr8040 3U6 Pm30 R5AK1
319801853370Ind. 0.33Uh 10% 06035HR2
242253601389Ind. 2.7Uh 5%5T09
242253600587Ind. 22Uh 10%5D07
932224557676Led Ir L-174a2f3bt-tnb5-19 A6002
932213446685Led Vs Sm Sml-310mt (Rhm0) R3U85
932219235676Led Vs Spr-325mvw (Rhm0) A3N15
313912468181Lens Me73HPD
242226400617Lsp Assy 6R 15W L Lc07 B1250
242226400618Lsp Assy 6R 15W R Lc07 B3D16
310430891131Mushroom Assy Bl M8x23 H32AD7
272217108785Osc Xtl Sm 27Mh 30P Dso751sv R1C04
313912323231Panel Foam 8.0X15x455AD2
313926808021Pnl Ir/led Ilc071012
313928800611Pnl Keyboard Ctrl Me7 Itv 2K71014
313926805071Pnl Side Io Me7 Lcd Ebj 2K72D39
313926858565Pnl Ssb 768P Ambilightpb5221050
272217100642Pow Supp Mod Ipb 37 Plhl-t606b8M60Y
272217100547Pow Supp Mod Plhl-t606a B3HB0
242254000012Res Cer Sm 10Mhz Cstce*g52z R3T81
242254000017Res Cer Sm 60Mhz Cstcw*x51 R0179
242254301095Res Xtl Sm 12Mhz 20P Dsx840 R0007
242254301653Res Xtl Sm 24M576 30P Nx5032 R1AD1
242254301621Res Xtl Sm 24Mhz 20P U4b R1205
242254901906Resettable Fuse 1A85 2920L R1231
242254901398Resettable Fuse 250Ma 1206L R1120
319803111030Rst Netw 1206 4X 10K Pm5 Col R7U27
235003311103Rst Netw Sm Arv34 4X 10K Pm5 R5211
235003311223Rst Netw Sm Arv34 4X 22K Pm5 R2G09
235003311229Rst Netw Sm Arv34 4X 22R Pm5 R6GE3
235003311339Rst Netw Sm Arv34 4X 33R Pm5 R2HF0
235003311101Rst Netw Sm Arv34 4X100r Pm5 R7H02
319803101040Rst Sm 0402 100K Pm5 Col3AAH
319803101010Rst Sm 0402 100R Pm5 Col2E38
319803101030Rst Sm 0402 10K Pm5 Col3013
319803101090Rst Sm 0402 10R Pm5 Col8195
319803101240Rst Sm 0402 120K Pm5 Col3AAT
319803101210Rst Sm 0402 120R Pm5 Col7D57
319803101230Rst Sm 0402 12K Pm5 Col1B29
319803101510Rst Sm 0402 150R Pm5 Col3ACC
319803101530Rst Sm 0402 15K Pm5 Col2T83
319803101830Rst Sm 0402 18K Pm5 Col2T80
319803101020Rst Sm 0402 1K Pm5 Col6016
319803101220Rst Sm 0402 1K2 Pm5 Col6JB3
319803101520Rst Sm 0402 1K5 Pm5 Col1112
319803101820Rst Sm 0402 1K8 Pm5 Col3HJY
319803101050Rst Sm 0402 1M Pm5 Col2U96
319803101080Rst Sm 0402 1R Pm5 Col3118
319803102240Rst Sm 0402 220K Pm5 Col9G77
319803102210Rst Sm 0402 220R Pm5 Col1014
319803102230Rst Sm 0402 22K Pm5 Col3019
319803102290Rst Sm 0402 22R Pm5 Col2U22
319803102730Rst Sm 0402 27K Pm5 Col0145
319803102220Rst Sm 0402 2K2 Pm5 Col3HJ1
319803102720Rst Sm 0402 2K7 Pm5 Col3C10
319803102280Rst Sm 0402 2R2 Pm5 Col7U10
319803103310Rst Sm 0402 330R Pm5 Col2C11
482211713603Rst Sm 0402 33K Pm5 Col3U30
319803103390Rst Sm 0402 33R Pm5 Col2301
319803103910Rst Sm 0402 390R Pm5 Col2D37
319803103930Rst Sm 0402 39K Pm5 Col3T29
319803103320Rst Sm 0402 3K3 Pm5 Col7HC4
319803103920Rst Sm 0402 3K9 Pm5 Col3013
319803104710Rst Sm 0402 470R Pm5 Col5D10
319803104730Rst Sm 0402 47K Pm5 Col3D71
319803104790Rst Sm 0402 47R Pm5 Col1016
319803104720Rst Sm 0402 4K7 Pm5 Col5C00
319803104780Rst Sm 0402 4R7 Pm5 Col2AB8
319803105610Rst Sm 0402 560R Pm5 Col3AKC
319803105620Rst Sm 0402 5K6 Pm5 Col6201
319803106810Rst Sm 0402 680R Pm5 Col2N32
319803106830Rst Sm 0402 68K Pm5 Col7G59
319803106890Rst Sm 0402 68R Pm5 Col1304
319803106820Rst Sm 0402 6K8 Pm5 Col2HSU
319803107590Rst Sm 0402 75R Pm5 Col6U04
319803108230Rst Sm 0402 82K Pm5 Col2306
319803108220Rst Sm 0402 8K2 Pm5 Col7GE5
319803190010Rst Sm 0402 Jump. 0R05 Col3D15
212211807527Rst Sm 0402 Rc0402 12K Pm1 R3AK0
232270570124Rst Sm 0402 Rc31 120K Pm5 R2U41
232270587189Rst Sm 0402 Rc31 18R Pm5 R2JCP
232270570279Rst Sm 0402 Rc31 27R Pm5 R2HMF
232270570399Rst Sm 0402 Rc31 39R Pm5 R2GF8
232270570569Rst Sm 0402 Rc31 56R Pm5 R2D29
232270671001Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 100R Pm1 R0158
232270671201Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 120R Pm1 R6112
232270671002Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 1K Pm1 R2AKD
232270672203Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 22K Pm1 R3AK1
232270674701Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 470R Pm1 R1116
232270674703Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 47K Pm1 R3U83
232270674702Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 4K7 Pm1 R2312
232270675601Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 560R Pm1 R3U47
232270685603Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 56K Pm1 R3AKD
232270675602Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 5K6 Pm1 R7G54
232270678201Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 820R Pm1 R2D22
319802131510Rst Sm 0603 150R Pm5 Col2002
319802131020Rst Sm 0603 1K Pm5 Col7HC0
319802131820Rst Sm 0603 1K8 Pm5 Col2HK3
319802132210Rst Sm 0603 220R Pm5 Col0260
319802133310Rst Sm 0603 330R Pm5 Col6HF0
319802133910Rst Sm 0603 390R Pm5 Col3HJ5
319802135610Rst Sm 0603 560R Pm5 Col3U32
319802136820Rst Sm 0603 6K8 Pm5 Col8317
319802138210Rst Sm 0603 820R Pm5 Col1301
319802190030Rst Sm 0603 Jump. 0R05 Col1004
483511127056Rst Sm 0805 Jump. 0R05 Col R8M60
232276260331Rst Sm 2512 Prc221 330R Pm5 R0031
232276260332Rst Sm 2512 Prc221 3K3 Pm5 R8T01
212010894133Rst Sm Fuse 1206 10R Pm5 R8H20
242201500193Saddle Wire Ny66 Nt 11Mm5 B0574
242201500192Saddle Wire Ny66 Nt 17Mm B1150
313912878191Scr Bag Stand 37-50 Me73T83Y
313912468821Side Av Bkt Ext 107638316
313912468851Side Av Bkt Int 37Me70030
242202605952Soc Cinch H 3P F 1L3 Yewhrd Y1302
242202605807Soc Cinch H 3P F Yewhrd B0575
242203300618Soc Hdmi H 19P F Sm 10029449 R1JA0
242202605133Soc Mdin H 4P F Ykf51 B8M01
242202518016Soc Mod Jack H 6P F 1.27 L0028
242202605833Soc Phone H 1P F 3.5 St Msj Y1122
242202520882Soc Subd H 9P F + 15P F Y1002
242202518875Soc Usb H 4P F 2.0 5401 Y1N31
242203300486Soc Usb H 4P F 2/2.5 292303 B2111
242202605912Socket Cinch 6P F1E30
313928770391Stand 37/42" Black0260
242212802742Swi Tact H=4.3 160G Skqnab A0007
319803234130Tancap Sm 10V 10U Pm20 Col R1114
319803235150Tancap Sm 10V 22U Pm20 Col R8M36
319803224150Tancap Sm 6V3 22U Pm20 Col R8M36
202000490297Tancap Sm F93 16V 100U Pm20 R8M20
202000400003Tancap Sm F93 6V3 330U Pm20 R8T03
319802131090Tda8932t/n1 Ic3303
932225835682Tft-lcd Lc370wxe-saa1 (Lgph) B0165
313918753721Top As Fc & Df 37Me7 Bk Na1150
319801044350Tra Sig Sm Bc807-25w (Col) R8D00
319801044340Tra Sig Sm Bc817-25w (Col) R1005
319801042030Tra Sig Sm Bc847b (Col) R8G51
934042530115Tra Sig Sm Bc847bpn (Phse) R1230
934042520115Tra Sig Sm Bc847bs (Phse) R8308
319801042310Tra Sig Sm Bc847bw (Col) R0579
934042510115Tra Sig Sm Bc857bs (Phse) R8T02
319801042320Tra Sig Sm Bc857bw (Col) R0166
319801044310Tra Sig Sm Pdtc114eu (Col) R3HPK
311229715361Tuner Td1736f/fhfxp B3AD2
932224574671Upsd3333d-40t6 (St00) Y7220
310430814592Vesa Studs Assy M88H21
242254301623Xtal 27Mhz 18Pf1HF0
242254301397Xtal 27Mhz 18Pf1HF0
242254301612Xtal 54Mhz 10Pf1T69
272217108763Xtl 27Mhz7A12
Part NumberDescriptionLocationDemand