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Magnavox 50MF231D/37

Magnavox parts and accessoriesMagnavox 50MF231D/37
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Parts and Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionLocationDemand
4822051300080R00 Jumper2L83
31043049052150 Glassplate Mci M Entry 2K56H12
99650003682050Hd W1 Logic-board3T42
99650003682650Hd W1 Logic-buffer (E)8J02
99650003682750Hd W1 Logic-buffer (F)2Q69
99650003682850Hd W1 Logic-buffer (G)3D45
99650003682250Hd W1 X-board3A25
99650003682550Hd W1 X-buffer (Down)3D79Y
99650003682350Hd W1 Y-board9D04
99650003682450Hd W1 Y-buffer (Up)2D64
31212375738150Mf231d/37 F/c Assy2A08
482205130681680R00 5% 0,062W3010
313917811141As Shield.profiles 50L-r Ecobj9H08
313917816241As Stand 42-50 Me6 Lt3P37
313917811351As Top Sheilding Ecobj7P16
313926800112Assy Ssb Me5fl50 Lcd06dS012
996500037616Cable-flat Logic Logic Buf (G)3L03
996500037615Cable-flat Logic X-main3005
996500037614Cable-flat Logic Y-main3H95
310431108831Cble Fi 31P/300/31p Fi Fer Ul2H09
313913107941Cble Mis 4P/1k2+1k2/ft Fer Tie6J01
313913104091Cble Ph 06P/820/06p Ph Ins3H51
310415702181Cble Ph 07P/340/07p Ph 26St Bk3J25
310431110733Cble Ph 11P/1k/11p Ph 2Xfer Ul2B03
313913107201Cble Ph 13P/340+340/10+11p Fer2U24
313913107291Cble Ph 3P/1000/3p Ph Ins Fer7V00
310431107911Cble Ring/180/ring 4.3 Ins Ul1014
223886915101Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 100P Pm5 R6060
223886915109Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 10P Pm5 R2010
319803401510Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 150P Col3J01
319803401580Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 1P5 Col2007
319803402290Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 22P Col3LC7
319803402790Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 27P Col2D02
319803402280Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 2P2 Col2A51
319803403390Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 33P Col7D15
319803404780Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 4P7 ColS001
319803406890Cer1 0402 Np0 50V 68P Col8M01
319801635610Cer1 0603 Np0 25V 560P Col6U11
202055294427Cer1 0603 Np0 50V 100P Pm5 R3U54
202055296628Cer2 0402 X7r 16V 10N Pm10 R3A30
223878715641Cer2 0402 X7r 16V 22N Pm10 R2B56
319803514720Cer2 0402 X7r 25V 4N7 Col3U28
202055296618Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 1N Pm10 R7J08
202055296621Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 1N5 Pm10 R0104
319803502210Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 220P Col3LL4
202055296623Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 2N2 Pm10 R5213
319803503310Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 330P Col1LA0
319803503320Cer2 0402 X7r 50V 3N3 Col3A10
223891615641Cer2 0603 X7r 25V 22N Pm10 R7P18
223858615636Cer2 0603 X7r 50V 10N Pm10 R3J99
223858659812Cer2 0603 Y5v 50V 100N P8020 RS031
202055296637Cer2 0805 X5r 6V3 10U Pm10 R3Q29
202255205615Cer2 0805 X5r 6V3 2U2 Pm10 R3D34
225020013672Cer2 0805 X5r 6V3 4U7 Pm10 R5B71
202255205679Cer2 0805 X7r 16V 1U Pm10 R2D53
202055296828Cer2 0805 X7r 25V 470N Pm10 R7D18
202055296684Cer2 0805 X7r 25V 470N Pm10 R1701
202255205635Cer2 1812 X5r 16V 22U Pm10 R5U03
202055200207Cer2 1812 X5r 6V3 100U Pm20 R6M10
242202512479Con Bm V 4P M 2.50 Eh B3D73
242202518427Con H 31P F 1.25 Sm Fi-we R0239
242202510655Con V 11P M 2.00 Ph B5J56
242202509406Con V 4P M 2.00 Ph B7M11
996500037627Connector Logic Buf (E) (F) (G3004
996500037630Connector Smps X-mainS040
996500037629Connector Smps Y-main3U20
319802053980Dio Reg Sm Bzx384-c3v9 Col R2D03
319802055680Dio Reg Sm Bzx384-c5v6 Col R5L50
932215970685Dio Reg Sm Mm3z9v1g (Onse) R5A18
934054868115Dio Reg Sm Pdz24b (Phse) R2U28
934054869115Dio Reg Sm Pdz27b (Phse) R2D72
934054855115Dio Reg Sm Pdz6.8b (Phse) R7M06
933742280215Dio Sig Sm Bat54 (Phse) R1740
934056610115Dio Sig Sm Bav99s (Phse) R2006
319803041010Elcap Sm 16V 100U Pm20 Col R3I14
319803014790Elcap Sm 4V 47U Pm20 Col R8M36
319803022290Elcap Sm 6V3 22U Pm20 Col R3B84
202001200028Elcap Sm Sev 16V 470U Pm20 R6D11
202001200016Elcap Sm Sev 6V3 100U Pm20 R2LP0
202002100215Elcap Sm Skv 25V 220U Pm20 R5J04
310430310911Emc Foam 2.3X2.3 L 203Mm7T21
932222440668Fet Pow Sm Fds4559_nl (Fsc0) R1014
934057587118Fet Pow Sm Phd38n02lt (Phse) R3U97
932216375685Fet Pow Sm Si2306ds-e3 (Vish)r2I09
932220410685Fet Pow Sm Si3441bdv-e3(vish)r3B58
932216070668Fet Pow Sm Si4936ady-e3(vish)r7A05
242254945325Fil Cm Sm 50V 100Mhz 67R R7U13
242254944768Fil Cm Sm 50V 100Mhz 90R R8G50
242254900137Fil Saw Sm 44Mhz X7351p R1005
242254944377Fil Saw Sm 45Mhz75 Ofwm1967l R7U03
242208600623Fuse Sm T 3A 125V Ul R3D39
319801851080Fxdind Sm 0603 1U Pm10 Col R1701
935175000118Ic Sm 74Hc4066pw (Phse) R3D21
932222806671Ic Sm K4d261638i-lc40 (Smgk) Y1H00
932222177671Ic Sm K4d551638f-lc40 (Smgk) Y2B46
932218324669Ic Sm La7795t-e (Tsaj) R7T22
932213445668Ic Sm Ld1117dt33 (St00) R6I0A
932220258668Ic Sm Ld1117dt50 (St00) R3T38
932221804685Ic Sm Ld3985m122 (St00) R8321
932221341685Ic Sm Ld3985m18 (St00) R1010
932221343685Ic Sm Ld3985m33 (St00) R7M05
932218574668Ic Sm Lm324p (St00) R3D91
932221335668Ic Sm Lm339p (St00) R7P14
932220625668Ic Sm M24c02-wdw6p (St00) R1012
932220622668Ic Sm M24c64-wdw6p (St00) R2T26
932220645668Ic Sm M25p05-avmn6p (St00) R3A39
932220746668Ic Sm Ncp5422adg (Onse) R7J00
932221168668Ic Sm Nxt2004 (Ati0) R6H00
935280665557Ic Sm Pnx2015e/m1e03 (Phse) Y3H80
935276755557Ic Sm Pnx3000hl/n3 (Phse) Y3B54
935280338557Ic Sm Pnx8552eh/m2/s1 (Phse) Y3T10
932220661671Ic Sm Tc58dvm82f1tgi0 (Tosj) Y3D67
932219216685Ic Sm Ts2431ai (St00) R7D11
932218767668Ic Sm Ts482is (St00) R1910
242254942896Ind Fxd 0603 Emi 100Mhz 120R R3A20
242254943769Ind Fxd 0603 Emi 100Mhz 30R R7U28
242254943062Ind Fxd 0603 Emi 100Mhz 600R R7P80
242254944197Ind Fxd 0805 Emi 100Mhz 220R R0106
242253600767Ind Fxd Sm 0603 0U56 Pm10 R2T20
242253600671Ind Fxd Sm 12575 10U Pm20 R3UA5
242253600779Ind Fxd Sm 7045 10U Pm20 R1M60
242253600137Ind Fxd Sm 7A10n 33U Pm10 R3A19
310430814251Interface Bracket 50" Sdi Assy2LA2
932220681667Ir Receiver Tsop34836ya1 L3002
310430814722L-r Fixation Bracket Assy 50"5J10
932213446685Led Vs Sm Sml-310mt (Rhm0) R0210
932221897685Led Vs Sm Sml-310vtk (Rhm0) R1099
310430813702Left Shielding Profile 50" AssS048
996500037618Logic Logic Buf (E) (F)9011
242226400583Lsp 8R 15W Scr Fulr O58x150 B7A16
242207000054Mainscord Ul 10A 2M Det 3P B8M02Y
310430890971Mushroom Assy M5 Black0241
313926724411Panel Ir 42 Me5fl Ebj Lcd06d2I16
932224567682Pdp S50hw-yd01(pal/ntsc) BS010
313923813561Prod Assy Rc19335034/01 Pkd5T20
996500042147Psu For Serial # Ya1c1050Y
212266200166Ptc Sm 3216 6V 0R4 Pm R1U01
242254301443Res Xtl Sm 16Mhz 20P Dsx840 RS013
242254301522Res Xtl Sm 25M140 20P Dsx840 R3J07
242254301397Res Xtl Sm 27Mhz 18P Dsx840 R6I01
235003311223Rst Netw Sm Arv34 4X 22K Pm5 R8187
235003311339Rst Netw Sm Arv34 4X 33R Pm5 R3999
235003311472Rst Netw Sm Arv34 4X 4K7 Pm5 R7V01
235003311689Rst Netw Sm Arv34 4X 68R Pm5 R2D52
235003391001Rst Netw Sm Arv341 4X Jumper R7U00
319803101040Rst Sm 0402 100K Pm5 Col2LR6
319803101010Rst Sm 0402 100R Pm5 Col9001
319803101030Rst Sm 0402 10K Pm5 Col1M36
319803101090Rst Sm 0402 10R Pm5 Col2A78
319803101210Rst Sm 0402 120R Pm5 ColS034
319803101230Rst Sm 0402 12K Pm5 Col3V78
319803101510Rst Sm 0402 150R Pm5 Col2A27
319803101530Rst Sm 0402 15K Pm5 Col1A10
319803101590Rst Sm 0402 15R Pm5 Col3D46
319803101810Rst Sm 0402 180R Pm5 Col0940
319803101830Rst Sm 0402 18K Pm5 Col3H82
319803101020Rst Sm 0402 1K Pm5 Col3Q19
319803101220Rst Sm 0402 1K2 Pm5 ColS011
319803101820Rst Sm 0402 1K8 Pm5 Col0269
319803101050Rst Sm 0402 1M Pm5 Col3V06
319803102240Rst Sm 0402 220K Pm5 Col3D58
319803102210Rst Sm 0402 220R Pm5 Col7T10
319803102230Rst Sm 0402 22K Pm5 Col2V35
319803102290Rst Sm 0402 22R Pm5 Col2T66
319803102730Rst Sm 0402 27K Pm5 Col1500
319803102220Rst Sm 0402 2K2 Pm5 Col3U95
319803102720Rst Sm 0402 2K7 Pm5 Col0102
319803103310Rst Sm 0402 330R Pm5 ColS033
319803103330Rst Sm 0402 33K Pm5 Col3U37
319803103390Rst Sm 0402 33R Pm5 Col1099
319803103910Rst Sm 0402 390R Pm5 Col7U10
319803103930Rst Sm 0402 39K Pm5 ColS002
319803103320Rst Sm 0402 3K3 Pm5 Col3T22
319803103920Rst Sm 0402 3K9 Pm5 Col7B02
319803104740Rst Sm 0402 470K Pm5 Col3L39
319803104710Rst Sm 0402 470R Pm5 Col2LA1
319803104730Rst Sm 0402 47K Pm5 Col8900
319803104790Rst Sm 0402 47R Pm5 Col7B25
319803104720Rst Sm 0402 4K7 Pm5 Col2D55
319803104780Rst Sm 0402 4R7 Pm5 Col3A52
319803105610Rst Sm 0402 560R Pm5 Col3H50
319803105620Rst Sm 0402 5K6 Pm5 Col8M21
319803106840Rst Sm 0402 680K Pm5 Col3Q44
319803106810Rst Sm 0402 680R Pm5 Col7T13
319803106830Rst Sm 0402 68K Pm5 Col3U06
319803106890Rst Sm 0402 68R Pm5 Col1002
319803106820Rst Sm 0402 6K8 Pm5 Col0272
319803107590Rst Sm 0402 75R Pm5 Col7L50
319803108220Rst Sm 0402 8K2 Pm5 Col7U27
319803190010Rst Sm 0402 Jump. 0R05 Col2A42
232270671002Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 1K Pm1 R5U02
232270673301Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 330R Pm1 R3A61
232270673303Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 33K Pm1 R1040
232270674701Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 470R Pm1 R3002
232270675601Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 560R Pm1 R2U37
232270676801Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 680R Pm1 R0070
232270676809Rst Sm 0402 Rc32 68R Pm1 R3I0J
319802131090Rst Sm 0603 10R Pm5 Col3D43
319802131510Rst Sm 0603 150R Pm5 Col1150
319802132280Rst Sm 0603 2R2 Pm5 Col3H04
319802133330Rst Sm 0603 33K Pm5 Col8740
319802133910Rst Sm 0603 390R Pm5 Col7A15
319802133920Rst Sm 0603 3K9 Pm5 Col1T01
319802136810Rst Sm 0603 680R Pm5 Col3LU2
319802136890Rst Sm 0603 68R Pm5 Col2U31
232270296001Rst Sm 0603 Jump. Max 0R05 R0007
212211805642Rst Sm 0603 Rc0603 75R Pm5 R7LA7
319802151010Rst Sm 0805 100R Pm5 Col R7A04
232273091002Rst Sm 0805 Jump. Max 0R05 R7B45
232276260331Rst Sm 2512 Prc221 330R Pm5 R1G50
232276260332Rst Sm 2512 Prc221 3K3 Pm5 R3D17
232276260479Rst Sm 2512 Prc221 47R Pm5 R1T11
232275061009Rst Sm Fuse 1206 10R Pm5 RS030
996520031090S50hw-yd01 Pp50hw-012b7A11
313926800121Servkit Lc06d 50 Pdp Mag Sdi7D10Y
310432836671Side Control 2K5 Entry Ftv2k5S020
310432836672Side Control 2K5 Entry Ftv2k52U22
310432843721Side Io Jag Eco Usb5LN2
313912877851Smalware Bag Stnd/me6/37-50row3041
996500037628Smps Logic Buf (E) Logic Main3A12
242202605807Soc Cinch H 3P F Yewhrd B3L94
242202604747Soc Phone H 1P F 3.5 St B3011
242203300486Soc Usb H 4P F 2/2.5 292303 BS047
242212802742Swi Tact H=4.3 160G Skqnab AS045
482212412108Tancap Sm Te 4V 100U 20% R7A00
319801044350Tra Sig Sm Bc807-25w (Col) R2011
934021930115Tra Sig Sm Bc817-25w (Phse) RS021
934042530115Tra Sig Sm Bc847bpn (Phse) R3U13
934042520115Tra Sig Sm Bc847bs (Phse) R2012
319801042310Tra Sig Sm Bc847bw (Col) R5D13
934042510115Tra Sig Sm Bc857bs (Phse) R1T04
319801042320Tra Sig Sm Bc857bw (Col) RS003
319801044210Tra Sig Sm Pdta114eu (Col) R1016
319801044310Tra Sig Sm Pdtc114eu (Col) R3A08
934031030215Tra Sig Sm Pdtc144et (Phse) R3LN3
311229714221Tuner Td1336o/fghp6J08
483531057721Usb Stick Software Upgrade
310431108731Wire Posi/100/posi 6.4 Ul7P15
Part NumberDescriptionLocationDemand